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Exercise 4 Learning: Vision

Schools that have a culture of wellness have more physically fit students and staff who are physically active, eat healthy food, achieve more, have fewer behavior issues, and have a lifestyle that transcends the school setting.
Exercise 4 Learning: Mission/Purpose

The purpose of Exercise 4 Learning (E4L) is to provide education and support that promotes school-wide fitness and health as it relates to learning, behavior, and lifelong wellness, including prevention of obesity and its related health issues.
Exercise 4 Learning: The Work
  1. Presentations to inform educators as to the research supporting exercise to improve learning, behavior and wellness.
  2. Strategies for implementing the research.
  3. Coaching staff in the development of a sustainable culture of wellness in the school via wellness teams.
  4. Showing the importance of staff wellness in addition to student wellness
    • Presentations/coaching for SpEd teachers and administrators in the use of targeted physical activity to improve behavior and learning.
    • Presentations to educate parent groups on the role of physical activity and healthy eating for improved behavior and achievement.
    • Moving toward increased physical activity - including PA integrated into instruction - and PE programs that are more fitness based.
    • Presentations and coaching to create and sustain a healthy culture and climate.
"Time In Workshop" - 2 hours
"Overview Workshop" - half-day
Presents the research showing the relationship between exercise and achievement, behavior and wellness with some strategies for implementation.
E4L can provide long-term training and coaching to schools to assist them in creating a culture of wellness. The Phil Lawler Exercise 4 Learning Project (PLE4LP) did this for 3 schools during the 2012-2013 school year.
E4L Information
E4L provides education and support that promotes school-wide fitness and health as they are related to learning, behavior and lifelong wellness. E4L incorporates fitness-based "New PE" strategies for classroom teachers to insert physical activity (PA) into their daily lessons as a learning readiness tool, addresses the relationship of healthy activity and eating to productivity, and can guide wellness teams in ways to develop and sustain their own school culture of wellness.
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A list of additional research and articles is available upon request.
Dan Lawler, PhD.
Fort Collins, Colorado

With over 34 years in public education, 29 of those years as an elementary school principal, his career was notable for school leadership promoting leading-edge research and best-practices in education. He spent seven years changing his school's culture by developing and branding the school as a center for "academics, character and wellness." He initiated multiple wellness- and movement-based learning initiatives, including a first-of-its-kind Exergaming lab that improved students' academic performance, behavior, and fitness.
Lawler is the brother of Phil Lawler, considered "The Father of the New P.E.."
Bev Bachman, M.Ed.
Estes Park, Colorado

An educator with over 39 years experience in elementary education, she taught grades K-6, gift-talented, and was an assistant administrator with Dan Lawler. With degrees in zoology, reading and administrative certification, she has a strong interest in science and learning and is working to help educators understand the research and strategies to use to maximize the educational experience of students.
I just wanted to thank you again for putting a SPARK under my fellow colleagues at Bauder.
...Exercise4Learning has assisted in the implementation of small changes into our school day such as increased physical activity for students throughout the day and the utilization of Exergaming to support Positive Behavior.
The "Time In" presentation by Exercise 4 Learning was thought provoking and made a great deal of sense.
I received many positive responses regarding your presentation this morning.
...Our thinking has been challenged by the information presented at the in-service and follow-up meetings that we have had with the E4L team.
Exercise for Learning's presentation on physical activity as it connects to brain function is something every teacher needs to see!
The BAC (behavior) program has already taken the Xavix and got it to work on the TV we had in the gym this morning.
Dan Lawler and Bev Bachman both made a very positive impact on us!
After putting mini-Exergaming Lab in the SpEd room:
...When I think about the impact of implementing exercise in our program, I think particularly about one student who has always had the need for more movement than other students.